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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A token of Gift - Boaz' Cash Voucher

em... have you ever think of giving your frens a token of gif in Boaz... Queensbay Mall..I always wanted to give my frens always a voucher on food.. but thinking of many things i really cant give some special gift to them.. and now i found one...
The Boaz cash vouchers.. there are many food outlet did sell gift vouchers.. like MCD and KFC.. they have their own cash voucher.. but at this moment, i am thinking of giving them a better choice of food.. a healthy one as well something that is special to eat..
I had get a Boaz voucher from a fren past days.. and i also find is a great idea to get them as a token of gift.. You can grab them anytime as you want.. nice and yummy boaz... and its a halal as well...a gift of thoughts and something nice fr u and your love ones.. most important thing is it is healthy food and able to show your care to your love one.. thats what i am thinking at ..
em... isnt it a good choice to grab them soon.. you can grab them at anytime at Boaz.. at Queensbay Mall.. or grab it from me at just RM 9.50 .. is a great gift for a frens and love ones to show your care. :)
Location of the shop is just inside Jusco at basement and you can see dem.. straight away from Jusco sushi stall... :)
Wat u can use de voucher for:
  • for sales person, u can give them as a gratitute to your customers.. a token of gift fr their support as well as this can give a better customer satisfaction.
    For boss and supervisors, u can give them to your workers as a token of appreciation to them.. this not only make dem happy but it shows that you care for them.. and concern bout them not just in work as well as health
  • For collegues and friends-can give them as birthday gifts as well as many gifts u can give as well.. u know gals.. they really concern on their weight.. thinking that..u can give them this rather that KFC voucher.. they will love it as Boaz not only halal but it has choices of vegetable Boaz and all that is good for health.
  • For family / parents - if u r thinking to get them fr de elderly at ur place, grab them.. u know dim sum.. is a chinese culture in our chinese life .. and Boaz is jus taste the same as the mnormal dim sum but is halal.. is not only low cholesterol as well it is good for health.. cause there is no pork.. Give them Boaz.. not jus u show your care to them.. but you give them a choice.. of a better healthy lifestyle.. with less PORK..

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budak, bila u jadi promosi boaz