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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Putu Mayung .. an indian delights

when i took this pic.. oh ya.. saturday.. in Pulau Tikus Market.. haven been makan all this yummy delights for a long time.. so suddenly pass by and saw the uncle selling Putu Mayung.. but this time I din purchase cause i am full so din grab dem..

Putu Mayung are my favorites.. too as it has nice pandan flavor that i love to grab dem.. em.. this food is mix with santan ( cocunuts) as well as brown sugar.. is kinda nice to have them..to eat.. is yummmy.. i love them a lot..
The location of my favorite putu mayung will be at Pulau Tikus Market as well.. Yummy when i think of it :P

Putu MayungPutu Mayung

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