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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Life.. a plaNNiNg Future

Today, chatting wif frens via MSN had let me think many things in my life.. and now i am now learning to earn my money ... working maybe is part of my life to earn money..Things are getting expensive day by day .. but pay is still remaining the same..
Most people rely on credit cards now.. and pay the minimum of the credit card payment and pay on the next month when having money.. thats the life of many people nowadays.. is this the way living should be.. i had been counting and counting on my ways of earning money per month.. saving money had been an essential for me now.. will start my saving by this month.. i don save much last time.. but today i think i need to start and start to save.. no more playing liao .. is getting 25 years old this year and i heard many many advices from my elder frens and people around me..
Plans to plan... is now in my mind. Investment is one of the way to earn money ... money money money.. i think should start soon..... thats a must.. NO more aiMing fr product PAM... Don Aim.. for things u want.. not necceties.. i have got an IPod this year, a laPtop... A Handphone... and a lot more.. to make myself happi.. NO NO NO... no longer fr this brand new 2008..
My plans have to change... saving no 1... to HK, i need to contribute at least RM5000 fr my HK trip next year... thats my big big plan of the year.. This year.. earning money .. and savin fr investment, fr all... fr the sake of future...
Now i understand why my frens had been working so hard.. taking up so so many part time in deir life.. cause money is not enough.. is real .. is the truth...
ehmm... see to analyze.. the budget of a month...
1. PTPTN- had already taken up about 10% of salary - Payment fr 10 years...time
2. Car Loan- if those buying car, they know - payment ranges from RM 300- thousands... and payment can last up to 9 years..
3. House an essential one- paying up to 30 years...

Thinking back the 3 payment of my life had taken a big amount of my pay in my life.. and the maintainence of hse, car.... and after that family and all... wah... all is money.. so how ???

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