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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

5566 New Album- Bravo

According to sources, Taiwan's popular band 5566's new album Bravo which was originally scheduled to be release on the January 4, has been postponed to January 8 due to the distribution company's mis-judgement of the enthusiastic responses to the album pre-sales orders. The reason for the postponement is due to fans' overwhelming demands during the pre-sales period and results in shortage of the special gifts that comes with the pre-sales purchase. Because the factory cannot produce enough gifts on schedule, there are no guarantee that the fans will be able to get the special pre-sales gifts. Because of this, the company decided to postpone the release date. But in order not to disappoint fans who have been waiting for a long time, the music company Warner decided that the initial release of the album's digital download will not be postponed together with the album but proceed as scheduled.

5566 new album Bravo release faces obstacles, reason is because the factory cannot keep up with the high demands during pre-sales.New album Bravo pre-sales starts on the 21th of December, and the pre-sales gift is an exquisite 2008 calendar of 5566's China tour. When the news of the pre-sales is released, 5566's fans who have been waiting for many years goes wild with their orders. The high demands exceeds the distribution company's expectations and results in shortage of the pre-sales gifts due to overwhelming orders. The distribution company immediately asked the factory to work overtime in order to produce more pre-sales gifts. But the factory production is still unable to produce enough gifts by the album's release date, as the pre-sales figure far exceed the initial expectations and the sales figure increase too rapidly. The distribution company has no choice but to push back 5566's new album Bravo Asian release date, and change the date from January 4th to January 8th. This postponement is regretful to fans who have been anticipating 5566's new album for more than two years. The music company and the distribution company apologizes for the delay and thank 5566 fans who has never stop supporting 5566.In order not to disappoint 5566 fans, new album digital download release date remains unchanged.This time 5566 new album Bravo official release has been postponed to January 8th, and causes fans who have been waiting for more than two years to become anxious. The music company decided not to postpone the album's digital download date together with the album in order not to disappoint fans' anticipations and enthusiasm. With this strategy, the music company Warner hope to make up to the 5566 fans with other means and let them listen to their long-awaited album during the days when they have been expecting it.There are reasons for the attention and anticipation surrounding the new album Bravo.

5566's last album Long Time No See was released in 2005, which is two years and four months from the release of this album. At the same time, Bravo is 5566's 4th completely original Chinese album since their debut, and the band's 11th album. The current members of 5566 have since become versatile artistes who juggles many roles in the entertainment industry, including hosting, acting and singing etc. The chances of seeing 5566 calling out loudly "We are 5566" are getting slimmer. More ever this album also includes many thoughts and nuggets from 5566's life and is even closer to the real 5566. And this has given people more reasons to anticipate more things from this new album Bravo.

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