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Monday, January 28, 2008

Swiss Premium - Gurney plaza new ice cream.. choice

There’s a new ice cream outlet in Gurney Plaza - Swiss Premium. Located at the Lower Ground floor next to Beard Papa Cream Puffs. em.. is jus arong Laksa Shake dere.. if i am not wrong la..

Since is new.. i am thinking to give it a try .. though is kinda expensive.I’m told the Movenpick ice cream is the one found inside Mache at The Curve, and that it tastes pretty good. Having such a sweet tooth like mine, I couldn’t resist walking towards the place after i saw them when i am shopping . They don’t really have that many flavours as baskin or Haigen Daz to choose from (about 8-10 if i am not wrong ) but most of the ones I tried tasted good.

em.. looking at it.. i am pretty sure i could not decide dem.. eventually i make my choice and at last finally decided on 3 flavours - Caramelita, Stracciatella and Chocolate. I loved the Caramelita as is sweet.. is nice as well and Chocolate also is quite nice because it really full chocolate! Stracciatella was lovely with bits of chocolate in it is not bad.. .

Three scoops of the ice cream cost me RM18.80. Single scoop retails for RM8.80. Currently they are having some opening promotions which include buy 1 scoop, get the 2nd one at 50%. Definitely pricey, almost in the same range as Haagen Daez. But definitely worth treating yourself to once in a while!

They also offer sundaes and dine in pleasures. Other flavours available during my visit include Passion fruit and Mango, Lemon and Lime, Maple Walnut, Espresso Croquant, Strawberry and Pistachio.

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