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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cruel enough....

Is dere something call truth between 2 people in life? I am asking my self ... in this past few months... i am asking my self .. wat humans are made of.. i saw many things that had happen in me, myself, people around me.. and ..the public as well.. Have people think of wat lies between us? wat is the most important things life should be? is dere humanity, honesty , love... all and den in our life? thats the things i don really understand..

Cases by cases happen when there are children being kidnapped and being killed.. why? whats de reason behind that.. are they insane? or because of money? because they love to? Childrens.. they are jus little kids.. and they might have a good future in their life.. they can be lawyer, doctor and all... might have contribution to the country itself.. and .. now.. they no longer in this world.. to enjoy deir life.. haiz...i hope parents can take care of their kids better a better attention to prevent unwanted cases happens..

I saw many people in this few weeks, some nice frens that haven met them for a long time... i realized the world sometimes isnt fair enough.. some nice gal .. had met the wrong one that ruin their life.. and some ruins other life.. why? can't people think of the circumstences that might happen before making new decisions... that are related.. i don understand.. why people cant think of others , think of the results before doing a decisions??

Sometimes i dono is this called.. the curren world.. the new ppl? or ppl now are self centered?

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