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Monday, January 07, 2008

Hacken Lee- No. 1 Hits (4CD)

Hacken unveils his No.1 Hits.
Top Canto-pop singer Hacken Lee can look back on a solid music history. Emerging on the Hong Kong music scene in the mid-80s, he earned the reputation of being a flawless singer with his outstanding performances. Celebrating a music career that has lasted over two decades, it is now time for a detailed retrospective of his best loved hits.
No.1 Hits features favorites selected by his fans, the media, and Hacken himself. Released in the form of a gigantic four-CD combo, this release includes hits like "Cannot Sing" (CD 2 - Track 10), Acrobats (CD 2 - Track 7), and Tall Girl (CD 2 - Track 15). Other featured classics include "Won't Ever Change" (CD 1 - Track 18), "I Wear No. 10" (CD 2 - Track 3), "Cherry Blossoms" (CD 3 - Track 3), Victory, and "Popular Days" (CD 3 - Track 2) featuring guest singer Alan Tam. On top of that, the album contains the brand-new songs Mr. Children, "Sighing Door" (CD 1 - Track 2), and "Farewell Concert Hall" (CD 1 - Track 1).

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