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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bak Kut Teh, SaTe.. nice yummy one..

Bak Kut Teh.. famous one is in Klang rite.. Penang also have 1.. haha.. i had tried a few places of bak kut teh but i felt that this one is nice and delicious.. You might can consider on trying them as well when u r free..
I tried them a few days back.. and would like to recomend to bak kut teh fever frens. The bak kut teh is nice.. as the soup is reall having the " Yok Choi" smell as well it has many choices.. Prices is ok.. is really worth while.. is quite cheap

Look yummy isn't it? The shop name is KIM SHAN.. is at relau dere nia. em.. if u r going from PISA, u will need to turn in to Relau.. and then u will see there is a motor shop beside the shop. is on your right .. and at the back of the shop dere is a temple dere.. you can see dem clearly... The shop is also gave a nice taste of Penang White Coffee.. better than the Ipoh White coffee... as well as nice Sate.. the sate is different from others as well.. is really nice sate.. where the kuah for the sate is different.

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