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Monday, January 07, 2008

1-7 Jan 2008- Brand new year

Abrand new year... is it a brand new life? em.. this year .. a new year hiw i spend dem.. chatting of course and greetings fr sure.. my phone book is full of frens to greet happi new year.. but sometimes cant get all deir contact fr sure.. Hope they will update me their latest contact. A new year this year.. i had been shopping today.. thinking of wat to get my self but i din get any of dem..as well. being spoiled as usual.. I spoilt myself with something i wanted to eat. Went to McD and grab a pack of fries.. yummy since i haven touch fries fr a few months.. how nice is it when u din take food u desire fr so long.. hmmm.... as today i also do wat le.. nothing lo.. jus stay home online as well.. don wan to caught in jam.. as know la.. PG complex always pack when..when wat.. em.. holiday and weekends.. so jus stay home :)

A day has pass jus like dat. Back to work then..is ife la.. working as usual.. and today office is so quiet cause many still not start working .. so thats why so so quiet.. and freezing cold.. thats wat i hate to be cold.. shivering.. today i went Gurney as usual.. my gurney day.. i love shopping dere but din buy anything today but to pay bills and all ... get my pay and paying stacks of bills, giving my parents some allowance of a month and all... is that life should be.Saw little boy today.. and took him fr mcd as usual.. little kids love dem. haix.. i dono why as well.. twister fries released... and mcd jasmine tea.. thats my fav.. mcd. turn up buying the twister fries as usual. Night life not much but jus online... chat chat chat.. haha.. Today getting suprising sms.. thanks fren fr ur sms.

Mcd Fever is back.. released as usual de alpha bear. grab dem wif out hesitation haha... in where em.. Qbay this time. Wif my sis for shopping and took her to wongkok makan..hehe and bought some yummy pasteries fr parents as usual. not much of a day...

Working today.. as usual la.. mon - friday.. and today is fri. em... today went to daddy off.. a while.. and dem.. makan lo... haiz... life life life.. heard Anna going again to see Gary.. i wan go.. but too many things need to be done.

Sat as usual... Gurney day.. whole day in Gurney ... looking fr inspiration of doing cards.. not realy have de inspiration but starting to .... to start doing liao.. my inspiration .. ideas don fly away.. hehe
went to Gurney and not much things i buy fr thsi time Thank goodness... haha. Having lunch + dinner wif Yi Na.. haha..good saving rite? 2 in 1 makan today... :)

Went AIr Itam today .. having Penang Nyonya Curry Mee.. yummy yummy.. and den went to pray my grandma and grandpa.. thats a day... and back home online ...

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