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Friday, January 04, 2008

Review on Gary Yap Performance in Perangin Mall

Gary Yap arriving at Perangin Mall for his second round promo on 30th of December 2007. Arriving before 1pm, at perangin before his performance starts. He is so cute when he is dere.. and nice. em... the overall is very good..

Not waiting long he starts his first performance by singing the remix of his song from his two Albums thats RESTART as well as 牵挂. The song mixing was great...写轮眼 and de remix from his first album Tell Me..de mixing is great..The most important is the performance. His performance have many types that are so energatic.. and his life performance was good.. wau.. is better than many singers that i have been going for many events. It is really a good improvement on his performance.

After singing his first song remix, dere are some talking and chatting with the DJ, Siau Yue.. the DJ from Go Travel and going to be his partner in the new version of 8864. Great performance Gary. Gary explains futher on his DVD production as well as promoting his DVD which have the combination of his old MV from his first album as well as his latest album Restart. After having some chats wif the DJ.. Gary continues with his second performance from his Restart Album that is 让你飞 .. this song is so nice the meaning.. a translation of letting you go... he then distribute some of his poster to his fans... as a gift :) is so nice.. The second performance is a good one... and de song is so emotional .. and de songs is full of feelings...then Gary continues playing some games with his fans... which are litterally translate as acting cute.. haha..
he is so cute with his cute face and performance. then he play the games with the audience to act cute with him.. haha..
After playing some games wif Gary.. the third song from Gary is best debut... that is a nice song as well 再见灰姑娘 ... and this song is a song that caught my attention on this album. Other than that, Gary also had his handshake with the audience... during his performance on this song. Last performance... ended the song with a ballet sothing song from his latest album Restart "给你的歌" .. and a sing along with him. There he provide his fans his 2008 calender.. of his face.. After the songs.. a thank you wishes from him
Before ending the performance, he had his autograph session with his fans ... and also photo taking with his fans... he is a nice artist.
Overall his performance was a great one... and his songs is so nice...live performance was great as well .. I bought his mtv DVD to get his signature as well as having a photoshot wif him..hehe.. Thanks Gary ..
em.. lets see.. this MTV DVD is a combination from his 2 albums thats RESTART as well as his first album 牵挂. The MV for Tell Me and 让你飞 is more animated.. and the animation was so cute.. then.. other songs in the album had featuring many of his frens as well as models .. like Amber Cheah..is a nice MTV all of them and it can see is not just a MTV but more like a music Video... as each of the MV mosli is having the a clip which are related to his songs as well as all of them are so meaningful. It shows the meaning of frenships and love in all the MV. So, I would say is a nice and good one.. :)
Gambate Gary...
To view Gary performance in Penang, feel free to view at - http://www.esnips.com/web/GaryYapInPenangPeranginMall-30thDec

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