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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Master of Tai Che <<太極>>

"The Master of Tai Chi" is an upcoming TVB 25-episodes series. The series is TVB's first HD series that was ever produced. It was filmed in early 2006 and is now scheduled to be released.

This is TVB's custom made series for kung-fu icon Zhao Wen Zhuo, and it is also his first ever series in the Hong Kong market. At the request of Zhao Wen Zhuo, the main character's name has been changed from 'Wen Zhiu' to 'Mo Ma,' and Michael Miu will play Zhao Wen Zhuo's father in the series.

The director of the series, Choi explains, "Tai Gik" will have 80% scenes in Wen Nam, and they will move to Shanghai and Shu Chow, approximately three months of filming.

The story setting is from the early last century with Zhao Wen Zhuo being the erroneous, lonely orphan 'Mo Ma.' From his practice of "Tai Gik" kung fu, it changed his life forever, with the love relationships throughout his life as a supporting role. Melissa is his best friend, and Myolie is secretly in love with him. The film also starring the experienced Paul Chun Pui playing a further significant role. Melissa Ng's role in the show was originally supposed to be for Kenix Kwok. But because Kenix had filming commitments in China, the role was passed on to Melissa.

Vincent Zhao as Mo Ma (巫馬)
Raymond Lam as Tuen Hiu Sing (段曉星)
Melissa Ng as Song Ching (桑青)
Myolie Wu as Yin Ji Kwai (言子規)
Kenneth Ma as Mai Fung Nin (米豐年)
Selena Li as Yin Chui Kiu (言翠翹)
Power Chan as Ma Keung (麻强) - "First Brother"
Derek Kwok as Moon Yau Ngo (閭邱傲)
Fred Cheng as Siu Kwong (小光) - Servant
Lau Siu Ming as Kwan Saan Yuet (关山越)
John Chiang
Yoyo Chen
Jimmy Au as Lau Foh (柳烨) - "Third Uncle"
Ellesmere Choi
Jacky Wong as the young Mo Ma (小巫马)
Ai Wai as Chaai Wai (柴威) - Police Captain
Kong Hon
Tai Chi Wai
Lau Kong as Yung Baak Chuen (容百川) - "Second Uncle"
Wong Chi Hang
Leung Kin Ping as Lau Chuen (刘全)

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