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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Love Joey Love 4 (New + Best Selection)

A great role model in the Chinese music scene, Joey Yung's level of popularity is apparent from her numerous music awards, including the Best Female Singer trophy at the JSG Top Ten Song Awards for five years in a row (2003 - 2007). Now it's time for Joey to reward all fans with her latest new-plus-best compilation which features 60 tracks on four CDs.

The first 2 CDs feature some of her most popular recent songs including "Modern Generation" (CD 1 - Track 9), "Hallucination" (CD 2 - Track 4), and "Tomorrow's Grace" (CD 2 - Track 13), as well as Joey classics like My Pride (CD 2 - Track 9), and "Feeling Stronger With Each Song" (CD 2 - Track 1). The two live CDs record Joey's Metro Radio concert from September 2007. Among the included songs are "Dancing With Cats" (Live CD 2 - Track 2), "Grand Encounter" (Live CD 2 - Track 10), and Joey's cover of Justin Lo's "Love Song" (Live CD 1 - Track 12). Fans can also look forward to guest performances by Vincy Chan, Ken Hung, and Deep Ng, with highlights like Vincy's cover of "Under Mount Fuji" (Live CD 1 - Track 8) and Joey's duet with Deep (Live CD 2 - Track 5).

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