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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

8-15 January: Creation Time

everything doesnt turns fine for the week.. i am being a busy ppl this week .. working and seems have many thinhgs to do fr the week.. when i will truely have a good rest. Urghhh. wat i am up to for the week.. u can see me not updating much on my blogs this few days.. thats wat make me busy.. the whole week..
This week.. doing many many things.. em... let me think ... i nearli forgot wat i am up to for the whole week.. haha.. Sunday.. oh ya.. went to Air Itam and had a niceyummy curry mee again.. wat a yummmy one... is Nyonya style.. the taste is different from many curry mee stall in Penang ... so is considerable a special thing on a special taste .. kinda of.. the taste is a slightly wif curry .. chicken style. and is so special that i ordered a special one..hehe..
As me fo the week i am busy with 2 things basically... doin cards.. thats wat my days are.. to complete the birthday card for GARY.. wau.. it really take me a week.. why? em... this card.. i am using all of my methods i knw from sewing and now coloring ...haha.. for this birthday card. is not at nice.. as i expected.. but hope he love them la
Thats my .... creation.. i hope that i can do more creation when time allows..and hope can make it as my business as well.. anyone wans to purchase can contact me .. :) This week i had learn doing some new stuff thats bracelet.. hehe.. a bracelet.. using plastic beads and my attempt now to make more design so can put up fr sale .. this is my 2nd work out of all.. in 2 weeks..

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