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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Seventh Day <<最美麗的第七天>>

The Seventh Day 《最美麗的第七天》 is an upcoming TVB series in 2008. Following the success of "Under The Canopy of Love", Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng once again paired up in this 20 episodes TVB romantic drama. The series was filmed in Hong Kong and Japan.Prediction that it will be aired in 18 Febuary 2008

Kevin Cheng as Yau Zi Wing 游志穎
Niki Chow
Bosco Wong as Hui Wai 許懷
Natalie Tong as Sa Sa
Selena Li
Charmaine Li as Wong Wai 王衛

Kevin and Niki once again play a pair of tragical lovers in the series. Niki’s character is independent and optimistic while Kevin’s character has a strong principle in love. Ken Wong and Selena Li will be the third parties in this relationship; thus, making this a love square. Niki will be playing a petshop saleperson as she loves animals while Kevin is careless, uninhibited lifeguard without a steady occupation. He also has a daughter in the series. Niki's character inherited a terminal disease. At a later part in the series, Kevin goes to Japan to console his exgirlfriend, Selena who is an AIDS patient, from committing suicide.

Bosco and Natalie's characters share a more light hearted love story. Bosco's character will be playing a CEO and he will be doing different businesses such as coffeeshop, internet, etc. while Natalie, although she does like to write and draw manga, only is a fishmonger.

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