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Monday, January 21, 2008


I am thinking and thinking in the pass few days.. wat is the best for me.. i know new year is coming and i had totally no new year mood at all.. is a zero new year mood .. i have been in no new year mood for the last 2 years..
Thats the way i am being too.. maybe perhaps.. is a life of choice where i really have no mood to shop at all..
Sunday .. where again .. GURNEY.. my plan is to see Karen Kong as i miss dem yesterday. so today went and see Karen Kong .. disappointment.. a big disappointment fr me.. I went to buy the CD and the seller say .. there will be autograph session .. but at the end is cancelled and ask us to attend de next event presentation in New World Park.. is really a big disappointment and for me... regret to grab the album.. the next album i am thinking to Grab will Be GARY YAP.. i really love his song and him. an excellent singer.. i met him a few times .. he is reali nice and he too pic wif us as well as.... em... the best of all he remember our names.. Thats great..

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