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Monday, January 07, 2008

Leo Ku Magic Moments Concert 2007 Karaoke (DVD)

Leo Ku took his falsetto to the Hong Kong Coliseum in early September for his Magic Moments Concert 2007. Revolving around the theme of magic, the concert saw many exciting and surprising moments from Leo, including a wire-flying entry, a robot dance segment, a mini musical with model Mandy Lieu, and ear-pleasing covers of Faye Wong's "Person in My Dreams" (Track 11), Aaron Kwok's "Sing This Song" (Track 14), and Leslie Cheung's "Chase" (Track 24). Leo also performed duets with good friends Ekin Cheng and Vivian Chow, and teamed up with Gold Labelmates Alex Fong, Justin Lo, and Siufay for a beatbox medley of classic Canto-pop hits. But the biggest draw of a Leo Ku concert is of course the singer's beautiful vocals and songs, which were on prime display during his six shows. The singer crooned out earlier hits like "The Second Most Loved" (Track 5) and "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" (Track 22), as well as more recent favorites like "Love and Truth" (Track 2), Nobita (Track 7), "Killing Tactic" (Track 21), and of course "Love Too Late" (Track 30). All of this and more has been captured on the Leo Ku Magic Moments Concert 2007 karaoke DVD release, allowing fans to bring the magical moments home.
This version comes with a 23-minute making of feature and a "Love and Truth" bonus track.

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