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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Karen Kong(龚柯允) Promo Tour

Karen Kong (or Karen K to her fans) is a Malaysian singer of Chinese ethnicity. She was a student of S.M.K St Anne, Labuan and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. She was a participant in Malaysian Idol in 2004, but she was eliminated in the first round.Kong's debut single was launched in January 2007. She immediately garnered attention due to her entire album being written in Malay, which is quite unusual for an ethnic Chinese artist in Malaysia. Her debut EP also includes her singles Cinta Hello Kitty and Ku Tak Upaya, both penned by fellow Malaysian songwriter Asmin Mudin (writer of Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor's Gemilang).

Both were featured on several radio station top charts including ERA, Xfresh and others.On 15 January 2007, Kong released her full Malay album, Mulakan, which not only featured the debut single, but also nine other tracks including Na Na Na Nada Cinta, a remake of the Japanese song Kiss of Life by Ken Hirai.On 17 July 2007, she made a first in the Malaysian music scene by being the first artiste to hold a web concert. In September, she announced her plan to produce a Mandarin album (and her Chinese stage name, as stated above).

The album, titled Showtime, which has since been finished and scheduled for release on 27 October[2], however, hit a snag when it was found that retail stores refuse to distribute or sell the album. This lead her company to only sell her album in a 50-leg promotional tour around the country. The songs includes in this album includes

  • "离岛 li dao"
  • "表演 Showtime (biao yan)" ft. Namewee
  • "阵阵跳 zhen zhen tiao" (Akan)
  • "居家旅行 ju jia lv xing"
  • "沉默•秘密 chen mo mi mi" (Dalam Bahasa Sayu)
  • "你在哪里? ni zai na li"
  • "你笨啊你!ni ben a ni"
  • "爱情 ai qing" (Ku Tak Upaya)
  • "天堂 tian tang"
    Bonus Tracks
  • "In Love Again"
  • "离岛 Showtime acoustic version

For her fans, watch out her promo tour....


JOHORE (Saturday)

  • 3pm - JB Pelangi Mall

  • 8pm - Masai @ Today's Market10pm - JB Halo Cafe

13/01/2008 KL (Sunday)

  • 2pm - Mid Valley Expo Hall

15/01/2008 KL (Tuesday)

  • 8pm - UKM (Bangi)

16/01/2008 KL (Wednesday)

  • 7.30pm - UNITEN

18/01/2008 KEDAH (Friday)

  • 4.30pm - Chang Loon @ CMart

  • 7.30pm - Village Mall @ Sg Petani

19/01/2008 PENANG (Saturday)

  • 1pm - Prangin Mall @ Penang

  • 5pm - The Summit @ Bukit Mertajam

  • 9.30pm - JURU Halo Cafe

20/01/2008 PENANG (Sunday)

  • 2.30pm - Megamall, Penang

  • 5pm - Gurney Plaza, Penang

  • 8pm - Penang New World Park

22/01/2008 KL (Tuesday)

  • 7.30pm - UKM (Bangi)

30/01/2008 KL (Wednesday)

  • 2pm - UTAR, Setapak8pm - Inti, Subang

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