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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sushi King.. food wif my sis

Last Friday, I and my sis went to Sushi King as we have not been dere for sometime.. Nice food dere.. as my preferance of sushi.. As CNY is comin there are release of Sushi Yee Sang.. Is quite nice for me.. is like pasasembur feel for the those who are from Penang. But it has oyster and Salmon on it .. em.. thats de different.. It come wif different size.. we ordered the mini size one for a try wif some sushi .. Thats wat the look of the mini Yue Sang.. having filemen stick.. abit of sour, cucumber and lets see.. em.. carrots.. oysters and salmon.. and a bit of tempura.. should be.. but is nice taste.. for a bowl that cost me RM 8.88 .. hehe

We also ordered some yummy food that both me and my sis love it - Chuko Kurage ( em.. is a bit of sour of jelly fish ) as well as Kanikama ( thats usual crab meat) and also oyster sushi (dono wat it called in japanese) .. had that for our dinner.. nice food that cost be about RM 20 for this.. Yummy and I am full .. and of course.. the Green Tea.. haha

Kanikama.. thats the usual one.. nothing special

- Choko Kurage- my favorite jelly fish-

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